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Deer Management in Texas has changed dramatically in the past few years. With new and more diverse permits now available from Texas Parks & Wildlife (TPW), land managers have more flexibility now than ever before to improve the quality of their white-tailed deer population.



However, with more choices comes more potential for confusion.

  I hope the following information will help you become more familiar with your options:


Wildlife Management Plan (WMP)

           Whether you are a landowner, a land manager, or a hunter, the starting point for any wildlife management practice is the Wildlife Management Plan (WMP). The WMP indicates your goals, the status of the current population, the condition of the habitat, the current land management practices, and the history of the deer management. Many of the permits require a WMP prior to their issuance. (more information)


Deer Census

     A portion of the WMP will include the status of the current population. Deer population censuses are vital to maintaining the density that you desire. Various census techniques can be used depending on location and habitat types. Certainly the most popular are Helicopter, Spotlight, and Video Census.  (more information)


Managed Lands Deer Permit (MLD)

        Landowners/ Land Managers wishing to have more flexibility in managing their deer population through traditional hunting measures can obtain an MLD.  There are several levels of MLD Permits that can allow you the flexibility of extended seasons, enhanced bag limits, and choice of weapons. (more information)


Antlerless Deer Control Permit (ADC)

        Landowners/ Land Managers who wish to manage their deer population with a specified number of individuals can obtain an ADC Permit. This permit allows for designate harvesters to remove a portion of the deer population. This permit is often used when a large number of animals are needed to be removed by a few individuals. (more information)


     Trap & Transfer Permit (TTT)

     Landowners/ Land Managers who wish to restock their  ranch with native white-tailed deer or improve the genetics  of their current white-tailed deer population can obtain a  TTT permit. (more information)


     Deer Breeder Permit (DBP)

              Landowners who wish to own, breed, sell, or restock properties with privately owned white-tailed deer can obtain a DBP. Under this permit, a breeder actually owns the animals and can propagate, sell, or purchase these similar to other forms of livestock. Deer belonging to a permitted Deer Breeder belong to the individual, however, if released from the Breeder Facility, the deer enters into the stateís population and becomes property of the state of Texas.  (more information)


     Deer Management Permit (DMP)

    Landowners who wish to pursue selective breeding as part of their white-tailed deer management can obtain a DMP. There are several levels of DMPís that allow the permittee to detain deer in an enclosure for breeding purposes. This permit is often used when a landowner wishes to breed a deer owned under a Scientific Breeder Permit with deer belonging to the state of Texas. (more information)




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