Deer Management Permits

     The Deer Management Permit (DMP) is a fantastic option in deer management in

   Texas.  The permit allows you, as the owner of a high-fenced ranch, to temporarily detain

   white-tailed deer in breeding pens located on your property.  Breeding pens may be five (5) 

   to one hundred (100) acres in size and detain up to twenty (20) does and one buck in each

   pen.  This is currently the only situation that allows interaction between wild deer and deer

   belonging to a permitted Deer Breeder.

     The following types of deer may be held under this permit:

           1.  Wild deer captured on a high fenced property,

           2.  Deer Purchased from a permitted Deer Breeder that will be liberated on the 

                property at the termination of the permit (Bucks or Does),

          3.  A Buck from a permitted Deer Breeding facility that will be temporarily 

               placed into the DMP pen for breeding purposes and then returned to the 

               Deer Breeding facility.



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