On-Site Pond Analysis

Habitat Enhancement 

Aquatic Vegetation Control 

Fish Survey/Electro Shocking

Fish Stocking

Water Sampling/Testing


   Aquatic Services

 On-Site Pond Analysis

     TWM offers a wide range of services for ponds

     throughout Texas.  Water testing (DO, pH, nutrient

     loads, presence of herbicides/pesticides),

     electroshocking, fertilizing, and other 

     fishery management techniques are available.  Our teams are fully permitted 

     and qualified to give you full evaluations of your ponds.


We also offer a full line of pond construction services, 

which include design, mapping, construction, and 

stocking of your new pond.




 Habitat Enhancement

        Habitat enhancements provide seasonal or permanent water for roosting, 

   feeding or nesting for wetland wildlife.  This practice involves creating, restoring 

   or managing shallow wetlands, greentree reservoirs, playa lakes and other moist 

   soil sites.  Whether itís for waterfowl management or wetland mitigation, TWMC 

   can assist you with your wetland needs.



Aquatic Vegetation Control


Fish Surveys


Fish Stocking


 Water Sampling

     TWM offers water quality sampling to the rancher, farmer, or rural landowner.

   Whether you have a well and would like to know if the water can be used for

   personal consumption or you have a pond and need to know its status for wildlife

   use, we can assist you.


 Wetland/Waterfowl Management




Contact us and let us know your specific needs.




Deer Management

Game Birds

Environmental Services

Wildlife Tax Exemptions

Deer Breeder Permit

Range Management

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