Trap, Transport, & Transplant Permits

                         The Trap, Transport, & Transplant (TTT) 

Permit allows the movement of wild white-tailed deer in state of Texas.


It is designed to provide you with the an additional tool to enhance the white-tailed deer population on your property.




     A TTT permit requires that the movement of deer to your  property does not detrimentally affect the population status on  neighboring lands, does not detrimentally affect your habitat, or if the movement of deer is outside their suitable range.


     If you are interested in a TTT, we would be happy to assist you with all the necessary   requirements for the permit, including the Wildlife Management Plan  as well as the trapping and relocating of the deer as specified in the Parks & Wildlife Code.  TWM traps on some of the most well known ranches in south Texas to ensure that you receive the best deer for your property.