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Deer Breeder Permits

The Deer Breeder Permit (DBP) allows landowners to hold, breed, sell, and/or restock properties with privately managed white-tailed deer herds.  It is important to understand that under  this permit, you can propagate, sell, or purchase these deer similar to other forms of  livestock.  To handle any other white-tailed deer found in the state of Texas, different permits are required.  


     As well as being breeders ourselves, Texas Wildlife Management works as the Certified Wildlife Biologist for breeders across the state from the very first breeder permit (TX 0001) to as recent as those issued.  We would be happy to assist you design, build, or populate your breeding facility and assist you in managing it in accordance with the ever-changing regulations.

     The Deer Breeders Permit is fairly simple to obtain.  If you desire to become a breeder you will need  the following:

1)  You will first need a facility to hold the animals. We deal with breeders whose facilities range from less than 1 acre to 100 acres. The requirement of all the facilities is that they must have the components that meet the basic needs of the animals; food, water, & cover.  Each facility has to be approved by a Certified Wildlife Biologist

2)  The TPWD Application needs to be completed in full.

3)  A Facility Plat diagram need to be completed.

4)  TPWD application and permit fee of $200.

5)  The permit period is from July 1 thru June 30 of the following year.  The Reporting period is April 1 thru March 31.  Renewalas are due May 15.  

TPWD's Deer Breeder Permit Application


TWM can assist you with all aspects of your a Deer Breeding Program:


Facility Design & Construction


Facility Certification


Purchase and Sale of Breeder Deer


Chemical Immobilization of Deer


Transportation of Animals


Annual Tagging & Tatooing


Assistance with Deer Working Facilities


Artificial Insemination


We also offer discounted resources on items such 

as feeders, materials, and feed.


  TWM offers the service of Hand Raising Fawns for our clients'       Deer Breeder deer.  The charge is $750/fawn.  


For frequently asked questions regarding the Deer Breeder Permit,  please visit our FAQ page


Information on Handraising White-tailed Deer Fawns 


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