Antlerless/Spike-Antlered Deer Control Permits


     The ADCP provides an opportunity for land owners to legally remove large numbers of

   spikes and does from their property with only a few hunters.  For example, if your ranch only

   allows family hunting, but a large number of deer need to be removed to maintain good

   habitat, the owner may choose to use this permit to remove the animals himself or with 

   a few other designated harvesters.  


   However, this permit has not been utilized as much since changes were made to 

   the Managed Lands Deer Permit a few years ago.  The MLD permit now offers many

   advantages of the ADCP with the addition of extended seasons.


     ADCP's are issued to allow landowners to reduce populations of white-tailed deer that 

   are damaging habitat, or which are about to reach a damaging level. They do not prevent

   regular sport hunting by permit holders or others on the ranch.  Deer are removed by

   designated harvesters as part of the control quota and are tagged with special tags that are

   distributed with the permit.  ADCPís may be used in conjunction with other permits such

   as Managed Lands Deer permits or Trap, Transport and Transplant permits.


     ADCPís are valid during legal shooting hours of open white-tailed deer gun hunting

   seasons, including extended Managed Lands Deer Permit seasons. The tagged deer may

   be donated to others if not used by the harvester, but cannot be wasted, sold or bartered.


   To qualify, each applicant must provide the following:

     1. Wildlife Management Plan 

     2. Application fee of  $300 to Texas Parks and Wildlife Department



     For more information on the ADC Permit or any other white-tailed 

deer program, please contact us.


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