Wildlife Management Plans


     A Wildlife Management Plan gives information on your property's historic and current use, establishes your goals for the property, and provides a set of activities designed to integrate wildlife and habitat improvements to meet your goals. 

     Management plans for ranches are designed to meet the needs of the wildlife as well as the needs and desires of you, the landowner.  Whether managing for deer, game birds, or other species, the Wildlife Management Plan addresses the requirements of the species based on the habitat available as well as it's potential availability.  Depending on the goals you set for the plan, different practices may be prescribed.

     Plans for the Wildlife Tax Exemption are likely to include elements of all seven listed wildlife management activities.  All activities and practices are designed to overcome deficiencies that limit wildlife or harm their habitats.  Each one of the activities should be practiced routinely or consistently as part of an overall habitat management plan. For example, sporadically scattering corn would not qualify as providing supplemental supplies of food under these guidelines.

     The prescribed activities in your wildlife management plan will be specific to the particular region of the state your property is located.  There are many practices that are appropriate in some regions of Texas that are inappropriate in others.  For example, some areas of East Texas may not require providing supplemental water for wildlife.  And there may be no need for supplemental cover in the brush country of South Texas.  

Let us help you begin or enhance the current wildlife management on your property.  

The Wildlife Management Plan is the place to begin.



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