Game Birds


     Whether land manager, bird enthusiast or bird hunter, TWM can make           

   your property a great place to enjoy a variety of upland game birds.  Good

  range and wildlife management techniques will help create or enhance the

  habitats upon which these bird species depend. Managing for a diversity of

  birds has yielded economic benefits for our landowners wishing to attract

  hunters, birdwatchers and other nature tourists.  Our management plans

  for high populations of game birds has enhanced the hunting experiences of

  landowners and all those that frequent their properties through the years.



     TWM has been working with landowners for 

several decades to produce the highest sustainable 

quail populations on their ranches. Year-in and 

year-out, we have found that habitat management 

   is the one and only factor that we have any control over. Whether this 

   includes prescribed burning, livestock grazing systems, discing, or planting 

   food plots, suitable quail habitat must be available year around.  Not only 

   this, but all the necessary components of good quail habitat have to be

   arranged appropriately in order to expect high populations.


     Of course there will always be factors we canít change, particularly the

   timing and amount of rainfall. But we have found that quail population

   densities tend to be significantly higher on those properties that we intensely

   manage versus those that are not.


     Common sense says that if your property does not support the basic

   habitat requirements for quail, one can not expect to have good quail

   populations, even in the best of times.




     As with all species of wildlife, habitat

   management for the wild turkey concerns the

   availability of water, food, and cover. The

   distribution of these key components of the

   range is of major importance.  TWM works

   with landowners to assist them in meeting the requirements of these birds.


     TWM can work with you to ensure that your Turkey population is meeting

    their day-to-day needs.  Many of the techniques TWM uses for Turkey

   management can also be beneficial to deer, quail, and many other wildlife





Since doves are capable of traveling long distances 

to fulfill their habitat needs, TWM strives to work 

with landowners in meeting all the individual habitat 

needs (food, cover, and water) on their properties.  

If your property can offer all the needs of the birds,

they will often be centralized on your land and offer 

   you a better hunting experience than your neighbor. to areas where all 

   habitat components are present in a localized area.


     TWM uses all the available tool necessary to help enhance your habitat 

  for doves.  This includes food plots, discing, & prescribed burns.  Unlike 

  other game species, such as bobwhite quail, wild turkey or white-tailed deer,

  doves do not require much cover to meet their habitat needs. In fact, doves

  prefer fairly open habitat with only scattered trees for perching and nesting.

  We have found that providing a savannah type of habitat with plenty of seed

  producing plants and scattered trees 10 to 30 feet tall will provide dove with

  all of the cover they require.  Fortunately, many of our landowners we work 

  for desire this type of habitat in their pastures around their lodging facilities.

  Contact us and find out how TWM can help you make your property a prime

  dove hunting spot. 



     Characteristics and management of a pond or lake influence its ability to attract migratory ducks. Some important considerations are:

bulletWater Quality
bulletLivestock Impacts

Let TWM help you with your game birds today, for a better hunt tomorrow.



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