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Q:  I want to be a deer breeder but I don't know where to start?

A:  The best place to start is with your wildlife biologist.  Together you can design a plan that suits your needs based on your goals and resources.


Q: How do I choose a biologist?

A: The state requires that your pen be inspected by a certified wildlife biologist.  However, there are two classifications of certified biologists.  The Wildlife Society, an internationally recognized authority on wildlife issues, has stringent criteria on the certification of biologists.  Texas Parks & Wildlife has much lighter criteria for breeding pen certification.  Therefore, all biologists certified by The Wildlife Society meet TPWD's criteria, but not necessarily the other way around. 

If you are looking for a biologist that can guide you through all aspects of a breeding program, including laws and regulations pertaining to them, we suggest you seek out a biologist certified by The Wildlife Society such as those employed by TWM.


Q: How big should my breeding pen be and how many deer can I place in it?

A: The statute that defines the activities of a scientific breeding facility states that no facility may be larger than 100 acres.  There is no TPWD regulation that dictates a minimum size nor places a limit on the number of deer you can put in a facility.  However, you should visit with your biologist regarding your pen design and determine what will be most suitable for your pen based on your goals and the pen's resources.


Q: How do I choose the deer I purchase?

A: All deer that enter your facility have to be purchased from another breeder.  Obviously you want to buy the best quality at the most affordable price.  We suggest you look at several facilities before you choose whom you will purchase deer from.  The relationships you develop visiting these facilities will help you if there are any troubles after you purchase your deer. 

Once you do purchase deer, you should ensure the following: 1) You receive a pedigree for each deer, 2) All deer that enter your facility are properly tagged and tattooed, 3) All deer have received any medications both parties have agreed upon, and 4) You receive all the necessary paperwork from the seller.


Q: I found cheaper deer from out of Texas.  Can I bring them into the state?

A: Current regulations prohibits breeders from transporting deer into Texas due to health concerns (primarily Chronic Wasting Disease).

Q: How much should I feed my new born fawns if I'm going to handraise them.

A: See our HandRaising White-tailed Deer Fawn page. Click Here.

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